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New double knocker 8" - Front Brake for Chief 1940-45

This new front brake makes your Indian actually brake!
Any Indian rider who crossed through the mountains knows he needs lots of space in front downhill. Even more if there is a sidecar, passenger and luggage.

The G2 8"- brake has gained more efficiency by using a double knocker system (Duplex type). Ususally this type has a connection rod between the brake cams visible outside. To keep the original look this brake carries the cam operation inside the drum.

The drum is made of cast iron (GG-40), the reinforced brake plate of GGG-40, brake anchor and bracket for adjusting screw 1/4"-24 are riveted like the original. Brake shoes aluminum, soft lining material. Two versions available, 340 and 341-45.

Brake plate with lid to run in drum to prevent rain getting in. In background original 344 brake to compare dimensions.